"Sport is an inherent aspect of Irish culture and identity. Improper concussion education and management may leave young athletes susceptible to serious long-term health issues. This will cause irreparable damage to the future participation in Irish sport. Our goal is to ensure this does not become a reality."
- Mark Beakey,
 Co-Founder of Concussion Coach
Mark Beakey, sport scientist and scientific author, holds a Master’s degree in Sport Science and Health with a specialisation in concussion education and head impacts in sport. He is a former rugby and gaelic football player and coach. Mark first garnered an interest in sport-related concussion after suffering a number of concussions during his playing career and becoming concerned with the lack of education and management structures in place.
The establishment of an appropriate concussion education structure that supports coaches, parents, and teachers will allow athletes to participate in a contact sport secure in the knowledge that there are protocols in place safeguarding their health and, thus, can only serve to enhance sporting participation.
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Our mission is to enable all key stakeholders to have the sufficient knowledge and confidence to safely manage concussive injuries. We aim to improve safe athlete reporting rates of concussion to ensure they receive the necessary medical attention and have long healthy careers in their respective sport.