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Concussion Education Online Course
For Athletes, Coaches, Parents, School Staff, & More
Course Details
What's included?
The Concussion Breakdown largely follows the same pattern as our workshop content - Concussion 101, Reporting Concussion, Concussion Management, Return to Learn/Work, and Return To Play, followed by a post-course assessment. The course also includes continuous recap quizzes, downloadable content, specific to-do lists for each stakeholder groups, and a post-course Certificate of Completion (if you pass the assessment!). The objective of the course is to enable all stakeholders to understand and safely manage incidents of suspected concussion, from the moment of suspected injury to the return to learn, work, and play.
What's included?
Who can take the course?
The course is designed for all stakeholders involved in concussion identification and management - athletes, students, coaches, school staff, parents/guardians, etc. 
Who can take the course?
How much does it cost?
The course is €25. If you wish to make the course available to your full team, club, school or any large group, please contact us to inquire about group discounts.
How long does it take?
The course will take approximately one hour to complete.